Aloma Fundraising Strategies (AFS) offers nonprofit organizations a full menu of services, ranging from the micro to the macro in the art and science of fundraising.

Strengthen Fundraising Strategies

Strategy focuses your organization on the tactics and efforts that will be most productive to its success – and ignores everything else. Angel will work closely with your team to understand your organizations objectives, discuss the tools and resources you have available to you, and guide your team through identifying approaches that are more likely to help you reach your goals. If you’re looking to improve in any of the following areas, Angel can help.

  • Increasing the value of donor data to your organization
  • Improving fundraising effectiveness
  • Creating cultures that naturally cultivate donors
  • Increasing monthly/regular giving through all channels 
  • Improving donor acquisition and retention
  • Putting donors at the center of the brand

Improve Donor Cultivation

Donors are people. And people thrive on emotional rewards and engaging relationships. But most fundraising strategies fail because organizations naturally focus on their need instead of their donors needs. By working with your team to discover what you know about your donors today, analyzing the tactics that work well and those that don’t, and guiding your team through enlightening and productive workshops, Angel will help you deepen and increase your donor relationships.

  • Mapping and optimizing the donor hierarchy
  • Developing strategies to increase donor giving
  • Uncovering donor insights and applying it to strategy
  • Crafting more motivating donor messaging
  • Securing major and legacy gifts

Develop the Skill Set of Your Team

The best practices and techniques that define a world-class nonprofit organization or development department have changed. Angel has been honing those skills and following the latest from practitioners all over the world and researchers from the leading academic institutions. He has packaged those learnings into engaging and transformative seminars that will improve the outcomes of your team’s efforts and inspire them in their roles.

  • Setting goals that motivate your organization
  • Building trust among constituents, stakeholders, coworkers, and donors
  • Mastering the art of donor centricity
  • Creating a culture of servant leadership
  • Writing messages that inspire an emotional response
  • Applying the new psychology of giving
  • Optimizing your data
  • Understanding your donor