Meet Angel Aloma

Founder/President, Aloma Fundraising Strategies, LLC

Angel Aloma, President of Aloma Fundraising Strategies, has a passion for helping faith based and secular nonprofit organizations achieve their mission through proven fundraising strategies supported by the latest social science. Angel spent the last two decades as Executive Director and Chief Marketing Officer at Food For The Poor (FFTP), one of the largest international charities in the country.

During his tenure there, Angel inspired the direct mail department to repeatedly break records – with a single newsletter tripling its performance to gross more than $1.3 million. His donor centric strategies doubled the net income of the lowest performing mailers by focusing on the psychology of the donor. And his approaches to donor stewardship grew the number of monthly givers for the organization by more than 200%.

Angel served as Chairman of the Advisory Council of the DMA (now ANA), becoming one of the most respected presenters at almost all their conferences. Angel was a sought-after presenter at many other conferences, here and abroad.

As a teacher of many years at Roman Catholic schools in South Florida and then in the nonprofit world, Angel’s desire to share his knowledge with others has always been his driving force. 

Angel has identified the framework and key pillars that elevated Food For The Poor’s standing as one of the most successful charities in the country. Now, Angel is poised to help more charities apply these techniques and achieve excellence in fundraising in order to generate inspiration and inspire generosity in their donors. 

Angel is of Cuban and Lebanese roots. Completing his primary education in Santiago with Spanish Jesuits. He continued his secondary education with American Jesuits in Jamaica. He went on to receive his Bachelor’s Degree in Canada at Assumption College (now University of Windsor) and a Master of Science degree from Nova Southeastern University in Florida.

Angel and his wife, Denise, have been together for more than 50 years and are enjoying the warm weather and their beautiful family with nine grandchildren in South Florida!

Recognition and Achivements

Lifetime Achievement Service Award

Friends of the Good Shepherd


For Faithful Service to the Archdiocese of Miami

Archdiocese of Miami


of the Year

Caribbean Media Network USA


Outstanding Service & Leadership Award

DMA Nonprofit Federation


Hall of Fame

Campion College Alumni Association


Max Hart Achievement Award

DMA Nonprofit Federation